Rover 400 Series Tiller

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Rover 400 Series Tiller

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The Rover 40M3 Rear CRT Tiller features a 208cc Rover Engine for a dependable performance. The 45cm (18") large tilling width is idea for those bigger jobs and 30cm (12") Bolo counter rotating tines breaks up new ground easily to maintain a garden of most soil types.

208cc Rover Engine for a dependable performance
A durable gear drive wiith an aluminium transmission
Counter Rotating Tines (CRT) that help break up new ground, great for areas with compact soil.
Model 21AA40M3333
Engine 208cc Rover Engine
Drive System Gear drive with cast-iron transmission
Tine Rotation Counter
Tilling Width 45cm (18")
Tilling Depth Adjustable 17cm (7")
Tines 30cm (12") Bolo
Tyres 33cm (13") Ag

brand: Rover

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