HPD5-CP550 “Fire Fighter” High Pressure Pump

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HPD5-CP550 “Fire Fighter” High Pressure Pump

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Davey CP550 High Pressure" Fire Fighter" Pump
Briggs & Stratton's Pressure Pump CP550 delivers a high speed Commercial engine to power a Davey pump. This pump generates presure other pressure pumps cannot due to its high reving (4200rpm) engine. It out performing engines which only run to 3600rpm.

- CP550 is built to run at higher speed for increased pumping performance with total reliabilty
- Overhead valve COMMERCIAL Engine increases fuel efficiency, performance and valve life is extended almost indefinitely
- Heavy duty cast iron cylinder sleeve and 2 stage pleated paper air cleaner for extended engine life
- Other heavy duty features include dual ball bearing crankshaft, heavy duty conrod and low oil protection.
- Magnetron electronic ignition and float bowl carburetor ensure fast, easy starting
Operating Dimensions
Flows to: 500LPM
Max. total head: 68m
Overal length: 505mm
Max. height: 388mm
Overal width: 435mm
Net weight: 21kg
Please note this pressure pump effortlessly converts to a Water transfer pump by decreasing the engine revs.


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