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Rover Kensington Cylinder Mower

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Rover Kensington Cylinder Mower

Designed for medium to large lawns, the Rover Kensington
Cylinder Mower is available with a 43.2cm (17”) cutting width.

Powered by a Rover 118cc 7.3Nm petrol engine, it features an
infinitely variable micro-cutting height adjustment from 0.6cm
(1/4”) to 3.2cm (1 ¼”).

Equipped with six-bladed precision cutting cylinders that
deliver 79 cuts per metre, the Rover Kensington incorporates
an adjustable, static rake to tease out dead material and moss,
whilst lifting lateral grasses for improved cutting performance.

For additional lawn care, an optional powered 10-bladed cutting
unit can be fitted in place of the standard cutting unit for a finer
finish and the optional powered scarifier cartridge can be easily
fitted in place of the mower’s standard cutting unit.

Engine                             Rover 118cc 7.3Nm
Drive System                 V belt
Reel Engagement           Bale bar/v belt idler
Cutting Width                 43.2cm (17”)
Cutting Height                0.6cm (1/4”) - 3.2cm (1 ¼”)
Cutting System               6-bladed cylinder
Bottom Blade                  3mm formed
Rear Roller                      Split differential drive
Front Roller                     Zinc plated steel w/bearings
Catcher Volume              62 litres
Handle Bar Control         Dual bale bar w/safety 2 stage
engagement of reel drive & throttle
Reel Cartridge                  Yes, quick change cartridge
Optional Cartridges         10-bladed reel, scarifier, verticutter,
de-thatcher, aerator & lawn brush

AERATOR  Rover Kensington only

Silts soil to ease air/water movement
Has the added benefit of pruning the roots causing vigorous lawn growth and activity

DE-THATCHER  Rover Kensington only

With wider spaced thicker tines, the de-thatcher penetrated the soil to a depth of up to 0.6cm (1/4").  It helps to remove the densest layers of thatch.

LAWN BRUSH  Rover Kensington only

Clearing worms casts and general surface debris, the lawn brush is useful for covering renovating seed material or to work in top dressing.  It is a gentle treatment to your lawn.

SCARIFIER  Rover Classic & Kensington

The spring tine scarifier gently removes moss as an in-season treatment and also attacks/disturbs coarse grasses and creeping weeds.

VERTICUTTER  Rover Kensington only

The verticutter gives you 'vertical mowing'.  The thin and closely spaced tines remove lateral growth and moss.

10-BLADED CARTRIDGE  Rover Kensington only

Hardened and ground steel cylinder and bottom blade for precision cutting.

3 rover cartridges


rover kensington side

rover kensington front



QC17A Aerator

QC17D Dethatcher

QC17LB Lawn Brush




QC17SC Scarifier

QC17V  Verticutter

QCC1710 Ten bladed cylinder

Cylinder Mower Range 4pp FINAL

Rover Cylinder Mower Accessories Cartridges-page-001


brand: Rover
Price: $2,199.00

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