Shindaiwa 269TS

Shindaiwa 269TS

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Shindaiwa 269TS Chainsaw Review

The following excerpt is courtesy of Arbor Age Magazine (Apr/May 2013 Issue). ‘The top handle Shindaiwa is new to the market. These Japanese-built chainsaws are known for their good quality and are designed to work long, hard hours.’ This saw impressed me. It was lightweight – only 2.9kg, didn’t have much vibration and could be used for a long time without too much fatigue. The chainsaw features a 26.9cc engine and I used it for pruning Gum trees and cutting small branches on the ground. The Shindaiwa machines are popular as they deliver more horsepower per unit of displacement than their competitors. What this basically means is that to get the equivalent power from them, you would have to buy a unit with a bigger, heavier engine that consumes more fuel, generates more emissions, and is often more expensive. What I liked in terms of maintenance was the easy-to-reach air filter positioned at the back of the saw, away from dirt and debris. It seemed well sealed as, after a full day’s work, there wasn’t much sawdust to be seen. A handy little feature is that there are two different coloured caps, black for the oil and red for the fuel; simple, I know, but how many times has someone put the wrong liquid in the wrong tank! I noticed that the side handle sticks out a little, but this actually provides good protection from the branches when your machine is attached to your climbing equipment. It sits very well on your harness. It is also very easy to start. Firstly, the ON button is well located on the front of the top handle. And Shindaiwa’s exclusive ‘SoftStart’ technology reduces the starting effort by 30 per cent. The Shindaiwa 269TS is rugged and reliable; it is powerful, light and easy to start. While this unit is a great little saw for clearing palms and pruning small limbs – though nothing much larger – it offers great value for money! Reviewer: Yannick Guezou

â– Digitally controlled C.D.I for reliable starting in all weather conditions

■Shindaiwa’s Soft-start Technology to reduce starting effort required by 30%

â– G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner increases

engine life by spinning out dirt prior to filtration

â– Choke with automatic fast idle for reliable starting

â– Side access chain tensioner for simple chain tensioning

â– Inertia activated chain brake for increased safety

â– Ultra lightweight at just 2.9 kg

â– Clutch related oil pump that decreases chain oil consumption

â– Belt hook


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