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After Sales Service Package

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After Sales Service Package (first service usually performed within 3 months after sale, purchased from Small Motors Mower City)

This is the most important service required to keep your outdoor power equipment running smoothly for the long term.  It is at this early stage any changes or defects can easily be noticed by our service technician.  At the completion of this service, the engine has been run in and will be set up to run at optimum performance giving you easy starting and operation for years and years ahead.

This service includes:

Removal of airfiltering system check, clean and service

Start up and check throttle and carburetion settings, tune and adjust for optimum performance.

Check ignition performance and adjust if necessary

Check mechanicals and safety systems are all operating correctly

Remove contaminated oils and replace with recommended oils to manufacturers specifications

Check, tighten or replace cutting system if necessary

Complete any warranty issues at no cost to client

Finalise service, test and measure starting and operation is completely satisfactory

brand: New mowing equipment
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